Friday, January 27, 2012

Counting to 28

Mom got an update about Alyce when picking her up from school today. Apparently Alyce can count to 28 now. I'm not sure what constitutes being able to count to 28.  Do you get from 1 - 28 with 0 errors or are you allowed to miss a few? The reason I'm wondering is because we have been working with Alyce to count to 20. She does really good, however, she misses 13 every time!  Even if we make her say the word thirteen and then go eleven, twelve, <pause> we are greeted with a very unsure "fourteen".

But if the teacher said she counted to 28 then the school thinks she counted to 28 and for right now that is good enough for us. I figure she'll get 13 correct before it becomes issue.

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