Sunday, September 4, 2011


Last school year near the end of the year Alyce's class focused on plants. One by product of that subject was that each student got to take home a sunflower that they planted themselves.

When Alyce brought hers home it was a sad little plant so small yet full of hope. Hope that some day it would be big enough to make a flower. Well that day was today. After four or more months and numerous meetings with death Alyce's plant finally flowered!

They plant probably didn't reach it's full potential. I think most sun flowers can be upwards of 10 feet tall. This is probably 3' at best and has a wicked bend at the bottom. We didn't get it staked early enough to fix the bend.

Alyce has enjoyed this little project and has taken an interest in keeping it watered. Of course at times her attention wained and Mom and I had to drop a cup of water on it to keep it alive. We do really good at keeping outside plants alive. Interior ones are a different story. I'm kind of surprised we kept it alive this long.

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