Saturday, September 10, 2011

Enough with the Whining

Alyce is at the age where her language skills are developed enough that she can say what she is feeling or thinking. The downside to this is that the majority of what she has to say is whining about any and everything.

Most of the time she is tattling on Luke for some slight. An example would be a bus that Luke starts to play with that Alyce had been playing with previously. Alyce will yell out "Lukie! I had that first!" even though she had been finished with it for the last few minutes. She only wants it because he has it. The standard sibling junk.

Just today she comes running into our room whining that "Lukie thinks my room is his room and he won't give it back!". Oh My Gosh the horror! A two year old boy wants to take your pink and purple bedroom as his own. I think not. Anyway I walk into her room and Luke is sitting on her bed tossing a few things onto the floor. I ask Luke if Alyce can have her room back. He proceeds to get up, get off the bed, and leave the room without a single comment.

Seriously kid it isn't the end of the world when you don't get your way. I guess Alyce is kind of a drama queen. I'm hoping that most of this clears itself up in the next few years as she matures a bit.

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