Tuesday, June 7, 2011


One of the big reasons we bought our house was the neighborhood pool. Since the pool opened 9 days ago Alyce and I have been to pool 4 times.  The pool is pretty great for both kids and adults. It has slides, fountains, and walk in access so the kids can go as deep as they are comfortable with.  I like the pool because we are only 9 houses away and it only takes a few minutes to get there on foot.

Alyce isn't a fan of the slide structure. It shoots water all over the place and if you get to close to it will splash you. Alyce dislikes getting her face wet so much that she will stop what she's doing, get out of the pool, and dry her face off. When we were at the pool this weekend we had a breakthrough that will get Alyce closer to the spray. I gave Alyce the baseball cap I was wearing and told her that it would keep the rain off her head and out of her face. That must have been enough because as long as she was wearing my hat she'd go up on the slide.  Not down it mind you, that would get her face wet.

Tonight after mowing the lawn Alyce and I took a trip to the pool to cool off. A few minutes after we jumped in Alyce's friend Madison showed up. Madison is a girl Alyce met while we were out for a walk one night a few weeks ago. While I was conversing with a neighbor Alyce walked over, said hi to Madison, and they started playing together. I kept my eye on them from across the pool but my involvement was not needed. They two of them played as if they had been friends forever. After 10 minutes Alyce noticed that I wasn't around and started to look for me. Even when she found me and made eye contact she didn't come over. I think she just wanted to check in.

While they were off playing I talked with Madison's mom Kim. We went on about our kids. Kim described Madison as a girl who never met a stranger. I went on to describe that Alyce is reserved and that she could learn a lot from a girl like Madison. I'm hoping that the two of them will become close friends over the summer and during school. Madison is also 4 and her birthday is just 20 days before Alyce's.

Later on near closing time I joined in the play. I was the kid's safety net so they could jump off the the edge of the pool into the "deep water" as Alyce likes to call the 3'6" deep end of the pool. Both kids had inner tubes or "floaties" around their waist so I was there to make sure they didn't jump on each other and not much else. Alyce didn't seem to have much of a problem with water splashing on her face as long as Madison was around; go figure.

When closing time finally came Alyce ran and grabbed her towel to bring it over to Madison so she could dry off with her friend. When the two parted company they shared a hug and yelled bye to each other as we turned down our respective streets.

The entire trip to the pool tonight was an absolute joy. I pleased me to no end seeing my little girl crack open her shell and have some unbridled fun. I could have sat there all night watching the two go round and round.  I have a feeling i'll be seeing a lot of the pool this summer. I'm ok with that.

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