Monday, June 13, 2011

Dance Recital Rehearsal

Saturday Alyce had her dance recital.  Before her class performed we had to sit through performances by other classes. They were all good and provided an example what Alyce would be doing in the coming years. Alyce being a youngster sat in our lap until intermission. She seemed to enjoy all of the dances as well.  She clapped enthusiastically after each performance. During intermission Mom brought Alyce back to the dressing area with the other older girls. Next year Alyce will be old enough to sit back there the whole time. By Mom's description it was pretty cool in back. They had coloring books and a video playing.

When Alyce's class came up it was dark and we could only see silhouettes moving across the stage. First we saw one little girl (not Alyce) and then nothing. Just as Mom and I were going to say "where's the rest" out pop the other three girls with Alyce leading the way or hindering progress depending on how you see it. They get into position, the lights came up, and Alyce was temporarily blinded.  A few seconds later the music started and they were dancing. There was a lot of looking at the other girls for cues on what to do next and at times all of them were a bit lost. Their teacher was in front of the stage and was able to get them back if it was necessary. Mom and I were pleased that she was up there and did the routine without being distracted, shy, standing there, or losing a shoe. A reserved girl like Alyce in front of an auditorium full of people couldn't have been easy.

At the end of the show all of the girls came back on stage for the big finale.  It was supposed to be a big kick line and in the rehearsal they did a great job.  For the actual performance it was a bit disorganized and that was o.k.

Following the performance Grams and Papa gave Alyce a bouquet of flowers and Mom gave her one of her bears (Pinkie) with a new ballet outfit.  Afterwards all of us including Onermark Grams and my Aunt Marilyn all met up for some ice cream at Culver's.

We don't have any video of the performance.  The official video is coming out in 6-8 weeks.  Below is a recording Mom made of the rehearsal.  Mom and Alyce stuck around for the entire rehearsal even though they could have left early.  Once all of the dances were finished the teachers went through the songs again to test the volume.  When it time for Alyce's song (twinkle little star) Alyce was asked if she would like to dance again ALL BY HERSELF!  Mom shot a video of Alyce up there doing her dance all alone.  Quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

We want to thank Grams and Papa for allowing the kids to come over each and every Tuesday for quiet time before dance class.  If it wasn't for that Mom would have to wake up Luke early from his nap.  We especially want to thank Onermark grams for paying for all of Alyce's dance classes.  It was a wonderful gesture and we appreciate the generosity.

We asked Alyce if she wanted to do dance again next year and she said that she did.  Dance class must have been fun enough for her to want to do it all over again.

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