Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome Home Daddy! Don't Mind the Puke on the Floor

This weekend I took a trip up to Kansas City to meet up with my brother, cousin, and friend for some fun and a baseball game. Saturday night I got a text message from Mom that Alyce was sick, running a fever, and throwing up. She followed with another message from Alyce where she said "this is not fun". The second I heard this news I wanted to be back home to hold my sick girl and help Mom handle the situation.

Sunday night Mom and Grams took Alyce to an Urgent Care because her fever had spiked to almost 105. Luckily for everyone Alyce is only suffering from an ear infection and not something worse. The doctor sent Mom home with some antibiotics.

Mom gave Alyce the drugs a while before I got home from the train station. However, just seconds before I walk in the door Alyce has thrown up her medicine in the dinning room, hallway, and bathroom. Mom's first sentence to me is "hi daddy don't mind the puke on the floor". Welcome home indeed.

Alyce was laying on the couch looking miserable. I walked over and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She looks up at me and even manages a smile. She said "dad I missed you", reached an arm up to pull my head close, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Sick kid + epic cuteness = melted heart.

I carried Alyce up to bed and that is where she sleeps with her bear Hearts in one hand and and a yuck bucket in the other.

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