Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today when I got home from work I asked Alyce how her day at school was.  After a brief conversation Mom asked Alyce if she would tell me what their snack was.  Alyce, when she doesn't know the answer to something says "you know" and our usual response is "no we don't.  How about you tell us?".  Mom ended up whispering the answer "s'mores" to Alyce.  A few seconds later Alyce pipes up and says "s'nores!".  That was too cute to correct her so Mom and I let it go.  I then asked her to describe what a s'nore was.  She said it was some chocolate and a marsh mellow between two crackers.  When asked if it was yummy Alyce said yes.

At Alyce's school this week they are learning about camping.  Naturally s'mores come up in the conversation.  Today the boys hung out in one tent and the girls hung out in another.  As per Alyce the girl tent was a castle and it was for girls and not for boys.  Later in the week we are to bring in a sleeping bag and a flashlight if we have them.  We didn't have one for her but one trip to Walmart and $10 later we are the proud owner of a pink polka dot sleeping bag.

Next week are the end of the year festivities.  There is messy art day, water fun day, and family picnic day.  FYI grand parents reading this blog.  You are invited to family picnic day too!  May 23rd if you're interested.

After we got the sleeping bag we asked Alyce if she wanted to go camping outside.  She said no and that she wanted to go camping in her room instead.

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