Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was taking inventory of some of Alyce's artwork and thought it would be good to share some.

Alyce made Mom very happy when she painted this picture.  She made this one at school out of water colors.

The second piece of artwork is in fact an elevator.  Alyce took an old shoe box cut out half of the lid and ran a ribbon through the top.  After that she painted it and then decorated it with stickers.  Lastly she put her name in the back.  This is an elevator she uses with her Barbie Dolls.  Before you think that Alyce is some design prodigy we got the design for the elevator off an episode of Bob the Builder.  Alyce still gets some use out of it even though it is a few months old.

The last and most recent picture is one Alyce just brought home.  This is a picture of our old house.  Alyce pointed out it was the old house because of the top window.  The top window in this picture is an oval just like the window in Alyce's room at the old house.  The front door at our old house was blue as well.  The little building on the right is the garage. It pleases me that with every picture she makes of the outdoors the sun is shining.  I feel that if the sun is shining in her pictures then she currently has a positive outlook on life.

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