Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teacher Conference

Earlier this week Mom and I attended another parent teacher conference with Alyce's teacher.  Our first conference went well with discussions about Alyce's language development and interaction with the class.  This conference her teacher Ms. Mary talked about much Alyce has grown over the past year.  She showed us some drawings of people both at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year.

The second picture has much more detail.  Ms. Mary wrote down what Alyce had to say about the picture.  It was a picture of her dad with a heart and that she was happy to play video games with me.

Next, after the picture she showed us the results of the counting game the kids play.  I got the impression that Alyce doesn't play the game all that much and instead focuses on the art sections and sensory tables.  The game consisted of dumping some colored beans on the table and counting the ones that have the green side facing up.  Then taking that number and marking it on the appropriate box on a piece of paper.  To hear it explained to Mom and I we thought it was kind of a complex game and was most likely beyond Alyce's abilities.  We were wrong.  It turns out the few times Alyce played she was perfect in counting the right number of beans and recording in the proper location.

Ms. Mary also wrote some nice words about Alyce and her time at school.  Below is a copy of the letter.

Alyce enters the classroom quietly with her Dad ready to begin her day.  She chooses the art center and begins creating with all the materials available. Alyce's social skills have grown this year.  She is beginning to take the initiative to enter some play situations with her peers.  Occasionally, she still enjoys independent play, but she is beginning to interact with small groups of peers.
Although Alyce is quiet at school, as her confidence has grown so has her ability to make her needs known.  She is sharing information with the class during class meetings.  She asks for help when needed.  She wants to participate in all class activities.  When she is unsure of activities, she sometimes becomes easily frustrated and begins to cry.  During these times, she usually says she misses her mommy.  With extra encouragement from her teachers and peers, Alyce will watch to learn the activity.
Alyce enjoys sitting with her teachers and learning.  She is participating in pretend play in the dramatic play center.  She investigates the sensory tables.  She builds in the block center.  She joins peers at the writing center to explore the materials there.
Alyce is a very nice girl.  I have enjoyed watching her become more confident in the classroom setting!
We talked more about Alyce's growing confidence and her crying.  Ms. Mary related a story about Alyce where during meeting time Alyce's turn was missed or passed over by accident.  Rather than being reserved or shy Alyce belted out that it was her turn interrupting the sequence of events.  Ms. Mary went on to say that even though Alyce interrupted she applauded her for standing up for herself.

The crying seems to have been something that is showing up as of late.  Ms. Mary didn't dwell on this and I got the impression that it is just a phase that Alyce is going through.  I'm guessing new emotions are showing up and Alyce doesn't know how to cope with them.  So she turns to crying to vent.  I think once she can put what she is feeling to words or is able to rationalize those thoughts the crying will pass.

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