Monday, April 4, 2011


I've written in the past that Alyce has taken a liking to doing artwork at school.  A few weeks ago they started making cards in class.  The class has since moved on but Alyce has not.  She now likes to make cards for everyone.  She pours a lot of herself into each card.  Every time she finishes a card she asks Mom or I if so-and-so will like their card.  Of course we tell her that they will love it.  Because truthfully speaking they probably will. Everyone likes to get a card even if it is just a picture of a stick person with their name on it.

Mom and I have used these cards as an occasion to teach her some spelling.  We've gotten her to be able to write Mom and Dad on her own.  It started off with us writing the word next to her card and she copies it.  Now  she can do it on her own. I've even gotten a card with my name on it instead of Dad.  I'm not sure how I think about that but I appreciate that she's learning to write my real name.

Two cards as of late have stood out.  The first one is a birthday card that Alyce made for her classmate Mckenna's birthday present.  Alyce made that card a week before the party and she learned to draw a picture of a cake when she made that card.  Since then Alyce has been on a tear making pictures of birthday cakes.

The second card I liked was one she made for me just because.  It had my name on the front and on the inside it had a picture of her and a flower.  I thought the picture and the thought behind it was wonderful.  I've since put the card on my nightstand.  I'll probably get it framed someday.

In case you couldn't tell that is a self portrait of Alyce.  It's good to see that she sees herself smiling.  Other examples of Alyce's card making prowess.

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