Monday, March 21, 2011

That's Poop

Apologies for the title of this post but none other is really appropriate. Alyce has been very much into artwork lately. So much so that we got a note from her teacher saying how good she was at art and that it was her favorite subject.

A few days ago as I was leaving to go to work Mom and Alyce were busy painting a picture of a caterpillar that was sitting in front of them.

That night after I got home, during dinner, I asked her how her caterpillar turned out. She ran and got it for me off of the refrigerator.

Her recreation of the subject was impressive. I'd call it watercolor impressionism. I noticed one extra circle on the backend of the caterpillar. Talking to Mom earlier I knew that Alyce had run out of room to put a head on the caterpillar and that she gave up and put it on the other side leaving half a head on the bug's rear end. I asked Alyce what each part of the caterpillar was. She showed me the head and the body. When I pointed to the blob at the rear Alyce said without missing a beat "that's poop!". Mom and I just howled! Alyce and Luke looked on not knowing what was so funny.

I love kids

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