Saturday, March 19, 2011

Singing For Speed

Mom and I thought Alyce should finish the school year at her current school and switch over the summer. On the mornings that I take Alyce to school I take a lot of back roads to get there.

During our rides Alyce and I have lots of interesting conversations. Sometimes it's about school other times it's about the cars or buildings we're driving by. When we are not discussing Alyce likes to sing. She sings to me because she thinks it makes us go super fast and we can get to school quicker. The songs typically start off with her singing "I love you every day, I love you every year, I like you every night" with the time frames and liking or loving being totally random. After that brief intro she uses the same melody but starts mixing all her vocabulary words together to make a string of gibberish that has structure.

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