Thursday, March 10, 2011

Knock on Wood

Yesterday I had a moment when I should have knocked on wood but didn't. In writing a letter to my Mom, Onermark Grams I said that the kids were healthy. Well by the time I got home Alyce was afflicted with something.

She was in tears and had no appetite. When we asked why she was crying she said that she didn't know. Mom and I thought it was a blood sugar thing and pretty much forced her to take a few bites. When that didn't stay down longer than 5 minutes we knew something was wrong. We sent her off to bed in hopes of her feeling better in the morning.

During the night Alyce got up to use the restroom and I got up to help get her out of and into her footy pajamas. When tucking her back into bed she said to me half awake "thank you daddy" in the cutest voice. Stuff like that will just melt your heart.

This morning after my shower Alyce was in our bed watching Dinosaur Train and giggling. I asked her if she was feeling better. She sat up, got a serious look on her face, and said matter of factly "a little bit".

Just talking to Mom she said that Alyce is now running a fever of 103-104 but is still in good spirits and active. We are going to try a shot of Tylenol to get it down. I'm guessing she's got a double ear infection since she's had a cold and an elevated temperature in her ears.

If I were a superstitious guy I'd say I my words to my Mom is what got her sick. But in reality it's all the sick kids that still get sent to school because their parents don't want to stay at home with them.

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