Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dance Class

In January Alyce had her second parent's observation day. Like the first time this was an opportunity for us to see how far Alyce and her class have progressed. I am happy to say that Alyce's basic dancing skills have improved.

First the girls did some warmup exercises using the balance bar. It was neat seeing the teacher call out a position or a move and Alyce doing the exact thing. Following that they did some exercises where they each took a turn skipping, jazz running, or side stepping down one side of the room and back the other. I got a video of Alyce skipping and at the time she grasped the idea but her execution was excessive. Since then her skipping skills have improved and when she skips it looks normal.

After the ballet work the kids strapped on the tap shoes. I'm not sure if it's because it is at the end of class or if Alyce doesn't like tap but by the time tap comes up Alyce's attention is kaput. She still goes through the motions but she isn't enthusiastic about it.

Following this class the girls start learning their routine for the dance recital. We got to see a picture of what the costume would be and wouldn't you know it the costumes are purple fairies with wands, Alyce's two favorite things.

I can't wait for the recital.

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