Monday, March 7, 2011

Candy Land

Last night after I put Luke to bed I came down to see Mom and Alyce engaged in a board game.  Not just any board game, Candy Land.  Mom wanted Alyce to do something other than watch TV before bedtime and luckily was able to find it in all of the boxes around the house.  We had given this game to Alyce some time ago and she didn't really get it.  She followed the game but couldn't keep focused.  This time around she knew what was going on and completed two entire games.

I joined in for the second game and it was pretty much neck and neck until the final few bends.  I took the lead and won the game.  Rather than saying I won and got to go into Candy Castle I told Alyce that I would wait at the door for her and we could go in together.  Alyce came in second a few rounds later.  After that Alyce and I decided to wait for Mom so we could all go inside together.

One thing Alyce didn't get to do during the game is take the short cuts on the board.  In two places if you land on specific squares you get to jump ahead.  Lots of games have things like this and I can't remember a time in my past that I've ever hit one of those.  After the game was over Alyce asked if she could take bridge and after we gave permission (like we needed to?) she put her game piece on one side of the bridge and moved it across.  It's the small the successes in life that really add up.

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