Tuesday, March 1, 2011

At the Car Wash

A few weeks ago we had a break from the Winter chill and the people of the neighborhood left their caves.  We, like everyone else in the neighborhood took the opportunity to wash the months of salt and grime off of our cars.  While I washed my car Alyce and Luke were in quiet time or taking naps.  As I finished with my car Alyce came outside asking if she could help wash Mom's car.  I agreed and got a little helper.

First we needed some new soapy water.  I let Alyce pour in some solution and she operated the hose to make the bubbles.  Next I gave her a sponge and sent her off to wash the car.  She did one side while I did the other.  When it was time to wash off a section of the car I walked around and looked at Alyce's work.  Needless to say she missed a few spots.  She was very much enjoying herself and she wasn't getting in my way so I allowed her to continue.  When it was time to spray off her sections I let her shoot while I held the hose behind her like a fireman.  When it was time for me to spray Alyce took position behind me and held the hose for me.
During one spray session Alyce's aim wandered and she started showering me with water.  I lightly protested this and rather than turning the hose away she continued to shoot me giggling the whole time.

I very much enjoyed my time with Alyce washing the car.  It was cool that she was so willing to help me.

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