Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't Step on a Crack

Lately when I have been taking Alyce to school she's been playing a new game when we get out of the car. Alyce has been jumping over each and every seam or crack in the concrete. To any bystanders it would look like Alyce is hoping and skipping to school.

This past week Alyce has been wanting me to join her in jumping over the cracks. Even though I feel kind of goofy it is fun because I can get her to giggle uncontrollably if I join in.


Alyce has found a new way to play at the house. It's the bathtub. Alyce is using Mom and I's master bath tub as a slide. She started sliding down it yesterday and today I got to see her do it first hand.

I'd say it isn't much of a slide but Alyce seems to enjoy herself while using it. Here's a video of her sliding.

YouTube Video

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fun at the Mall

Tonight the family took a trip to the mall. I'm happy to say it was an enjoyable experience. Both kids ate their dinner without protest. The only tears came when it was time to leave. Those tears were because Alyce and Luke were having so much fun they didn't want to leave.
As a reward for eating dinner I watched the kids at the playground while Mom went shopping. What we were really doing was keeping them occupied so Mon could pick up Alyce's Valentines Day gift. She didn't have a clue.
Both kids did great at the playground. There was no shoving and for the most part they waited their turn. Luke was enjoying his newly found physical abilities. He was able to use just about all the equipment. The only help he needed was to get his first leg up on a slide.
There was one scare though. While I was helping Alyce Luke took the opportunity to make a break for it. I think he was intrigued by the balloon strapped to another stroller. I was Lucky that I had my eye on him when he went for it.

When it was time to go both kids weren't happy about it. I couldn't say that I'd blame them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


After we closed on our house it took us a few weeks to move in.  During that time I was getting the house ready by completing a few projects.  One weekend everyone was at the new house and during quiet time we put Alyce and Luke in their rooms.  We also put the kid's new tent in Alyce's room so she would have something to play in along with her toys.  One toy she played with was a set of blocks made by my father.  They had been in storage while we had the house for sale.  Now that they are back in the rotation they've been a big hit.

When it was time to go we loaded the kids up in the car and looking up at the house I saw that the light in Alyce's room was still on.  I went back inside to turn off the light and upon entering room I saw what she had been working on during quiet time.  She built a house out of the blocks.  It wasn't a simple house.  It had four walls, a roof, and other decorations.  I didn't know she had it in her to build such a nice structure.

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