Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Now that we are living in an apartment whenever we head out to the car we have to unlock it. Mom and I both have buttons on our key chains that allow us to unlock the doors remotely. In addition we can open the door by entering a code on a panel on the drivers side door.

Alyce has now taken it as her job to run up ahead of us while heading out to the car to enter the code and open the doors. One thing missing from her plan is that she doesn't know the code; instead she blindly hits keys. While she's doing that Mom or I reach into our pockets and hit the unlock button. Alyce thinks she has just unlocked the door, opens it, and climbs in none the wiser that in fact we did it for her.

It might be bad that we are keeping the truth from her but by her entering in the code she isn't running into the parking lot. I would say we are guilty of the crime of omission but we are doing it with the best of intentions.

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