Sunday, November 14, 2010

House Construction

It's been three weeks since construction began on our new house. In that time the foundation has been poured, framed, and roofed. As part of the fun and to check for defects we take the family out to the site for walkthroughs.

Alyce is a big fan of this as she gets to see her new room or the space that will be her new room. She enjoys waving to Mom from her window the most.

One time Alyce had to use the bathroom so we took her to the display to do her business without her walking through. Mom and I thought we could get away with skipping her turn. We thought wrong. Upon hearing that we were going to dinner rather than taking her turn led to an immediate and intense break down. Mom and I tried out best to cheer her up such as letting her try on a hard hat but looking at the picture obviously that failed.

In the end we caved and quickly brought her through the house. It seemed to do the trick as she was a happy camper the rest of the night.

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