Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can't Keep a Secret

Last week the first of my gifts for Mom arrived in the mail.  I'm ok to write about it since she told me what she wanted and saw the box before I got home.  Alyce was also there when the box arrived and wanted Mom to immediately to open it.  Mom delayed her because it had my name on it and said they needed to wait until I came home.  As I walked in the door Alyce runs up to me telling me there is a box for me and that I should open it.

I told her that we could open it but we had to do it upstairs because Mommy couldn't see it.  Upstairs I took the present out of the box and showed it to Alyce.  Alyce exclaimed that is was "very pretty".  I told her that it was a present for mommy from Luke and her and that we couldn't tell her what she was getting as it was going to be a surprise.

Following our quick little discussion Alyce went back downstairs.  Mom in jest asked Alyce what was in the box.  Alyce responded excitedly "it's a necklace for you"!  Note to self; 4 year olds can't keep secrets.

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