Monday, November 29, 2010

Amateur Photographer

Mom and I didn't know it but Alyce is an aspiring photographer.  Since Mom upgraded her iPhone to an iPhone 4 Alyce has been the recipient of her old one.  We took the SIM card out of it so it no longer makes telephone calls but it makes for a great device to watch movies and play games.  iPhones also have built in cameras and we hadn't thought to look at the list of photos as we didn't think Alyce knew how to use the camera.
Mom and I a few days ago while upgrading the phone took at look at the photos and were greeted by album upon album of pictures.  Most of them were taken during her quiet time at both the old house and the apartment.  Some have a obvious subject and others were taken while she was under her sheets.

The best pictures in the album were of the princesses on one of her books.  The cover is a picture of all of the princess but with each exposure Alyce focused on a different princess.  They were surprisingly well composed.  If finger painting doesn't work out for her perhaps she should try her hand at photography.

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