Friday, October 22, 2010

You're Always Taking My Stuff

Even though I wrote in the past that Alyce and Luke are nice to each other and can even be friends there are times when yeah, not so much.  A while ago while we were still in our old house Alyce was playing with something while sitting on the blue chair in the living room.  Luke had been pestering her off and on all day by taking something she had and running off with it.  After a while Alyce had had enough and blurted out "Luke, you're always taking my stuff!".  Of course Luke didn't care what she had to say and proceeded to try and take what she had in her hands.

I don't remember at the time whether or not she pushed him to keep him away but sometimes she does do that.  And that usually leads to some naughty corner time for Alyce.  The one exception to the naughty corner is that a few times she has pushed Luke while we weren't around and Luke's cries bring us into the room.  We ask Alyce if she pushed him and she tells us the truth that she had.  To encourage telling the truth we have her tell Luke she is sorry and give him a hug.  I'm hoping that the truthfulness will last, but who am I kidding?  I was a kid once.

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