Friday, October 22, 2010

4 Year Update

This week Mom took Alyce with Luke in tow for her 4th year checkup.  That's right my little girl is almost 4 years old.  This is the first time Alyce's height and weight have been officially measured since her checkup last year.
  • Height: 41 inches
  • Weight: 34 lbs
Why is she only 41 inches when I just wrote a post that she was 42 inches at Six Flags this past weekend?  At Six Flags her height was measured with her shoes on while the doctor goes without.  Her height at the 3 year checkup was 37 inches and her weight was 34 lbs.  So in the course of the last year she has grown 4 inches!  This puts her back into the 75th percentile on height whereas last time she as in the 50th.  The 4 lb increase in weight is just enough to keep her in the 50th percentile.  I guess she is eating enough and maybe Mom and I are eating to much?

Mom asked about Alyce's ears and that she seems overly sensitive to loud noises.  The doc said she would talk to a aural specialist to see if any testing is needed or whether it is something she'll grow out of.  Her school is doing some hearing tests in the next few weeks so that might yield some more information.

The only vaccination she received was an annual flu shot and not a single tear was shed.  Impressive.

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