Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shopping on a Rocket Ship

This afternoon I needed to go shopping for a few things and Alyce wanted to come along.  Now that Alyce is potty trained and in a big girl car seat traveling with her is easy.  No more diaper bags, backup outfits, or juice boxes to tow along.

Because I was also picking up a pizza I went to a different store than normal.  Walking into the store there was a special shopping cart for kids in the form of a space ship.  Alyce immediately took a shine to the cart and rode it the entire time in the store.  Obviously we played up the whole rocket ship theme where we were flying around the store.  She would turn the wheel as we changed aisles and dodged obstacles.

After taking Alyce out of the cart and exiting the store she asked if she could come back to ride in the cart again.  It was very nice to go on a trip without any stress or drama.

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