Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Six Flags

Saturday, the second day of our crazy weekend brought us to Six Flags.  We were joined by Josh, Tammy, and Gideon.  We met up with them after nap and dinner time.  This is the first time that Alyce has gone to Six Flags with her best friend Gideon.

The first thing the kids did was to play on the playground for a while.  Seeing the two kids in action really shows the difference 18 months can make.  Alyce is 3 1/2 and Gideon turned 2 in June.  Gideon was moving pretty good up the stairs, across the bridge, and down the slide.  But for every two round trips he took Alyce would take three or four.  Alyce was a bit more sure on her feet and sure of her abilities because she would run up the stairs sometimes taking two steps at a time while Gideon would only go up the stairs slowly one at a time.  I find all of this interesting because when I think of Gideon I always think of him as Alyce's equal.

After the playground both of the kids rode the kiddie rides.  Both Alyce and Gideon rode the planes together making for a great photo op.  The planes are old hat to Alyce but this was the first time Gideon had been on them.  I think before this point he was reluctant to try.  Peer pressure probably had something to do with it this time around as he rode without hesitation.  After the planes I rode the balloon ride with both Alyce and Luke.

Later on after a few more rides we were confronted with the Tweety Bird ride.  This ride has been Alyce's nemesis for some time.  The ride isn't intense, in fact it is pretty tame.  However, it is loud and Alyce has been shying away from loud things for some time.  But peer pressure came to the rescue as Gideon had no qualms riding and Alyce followed his lead to get on the ride.  Once it was finished Alyce was super excited and wanted to ride again as all fear of the ride had fled.

After the kid rides we went to the Ferris Wheel as that was one of two rides that pregnant Tammy could ride.  The other being the steam train that we rode down from the kids area.  As we were walking towards the Ferris Wheel Alyce and Gideon did something totally cute, they started holding hands!  I'm not exactly sure what got them to start but the cameras came out in a flash to document the moment.

Towards the end of the night Six Flags had their "Glow in the Dark" parade.  This parade was pretty good, surprisingly so.  It would never hold a candle to a parade at Disney world, but it was well put together and worth seeing at least once.  It started at 9:00 but it was 9:15 before it made its way down to us.  Alyce and Gideon were doing just great as it wasn't too late past their bedtime.  Luke on the other hand was starting to tire.  But we bared our teeth and made it through the parade to be caught up in a flood of people heading for the exit.  It was so crazy that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Josh, Tammy, or Gideon.

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