Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Get to Take Alyce to School

This year I am taking on some of the responsibility of getting Alyce to school.  Last year Mom took Alyce to school and picked her up when it was over.  This year Alyce starts a bit earlier, 8:15 and that falls into the time I usually leave to go to work.  So I recommended that I take Alyce to school so Mom can have less stress in her morning.  I also want to be more attached to Alyce's school experience than I was last year.

Because different people are picking her up and dropping her off we had to get a second booster seat for Alyce.  Rather than getting another copy of her current booster seat we got her a pink, grey, and flowery version.  This one is pretty cool because it provides more head support than her current booster.  Mom and I are hoping that this will lead to her taking a few more naps on long car rides.

One of the best parts about taking Alyce to school is that she talks the whole way there about the things she wants to do at school.  She makes statements and also asks questions.  This morning she told me that she was going to make a picture of a happy face for both Mom and I.  She also said that she was going to make a picture of a purple butterfly.  As we were walking to the door I asked her if she was going to do anything else at school today.  After a thoughtful pause Alyce said "I think I am going to make a friend today".

Alyce's quest for new friends does seem to be bearing some fruit.  Alyce brought home an invitation from one of her classmates for a pool party on Friday after school.  The invitation was to the whole class and not singling out Alyce but any opportunity for Alyce to make friends is something we'd jump at.

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