Friday, August 27, 2010


Over the past few months Alyce has added something new to her bed time routine, dreams.  I'm not sure when it started but one night she asked us what she should dream about.  Maybe in response to us saying "sweet dreams" to her as we walked out of her room one night.

Now every night before we walk out of the room Alyce asks us what she should dream about.  Alyce is very discriminating about what she dreams about too.  Sometimes when our recommendations aren't up to muster she says "I don't want to dream about that".  So we have to keep recommending things until she fixates one one.  Usually we use an upcoming event as a subject.  For instance just over a week ago right before school started we recommended that Alyce dream about her first day of school.  Some nights she has recommendations too.  Her delivery is pretty cute too.  It starts off with "Mom" then a thoughtful pause and then "can I dream about xyz?" With xyz typically being her asking if she can dream about going to Six Flags to slide on the pirate ship slide with her friend Gideon.

The mornings after I ask if she dreamed about whatever we talked about the night before.  The usual response is "no".  Who can determine what they dream about anyway and who even remembers most dreams?  As long as she isn't having nightmares I think we are doing pretty good.

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