Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art and Learning

Even though Alyce has only been to school 3 times she is showing signs of learning new skills.  If not learning then advancement in her abilities.  Below are two examples of her advances.  The first one is a picture she drew using her magna doodle during nap time.  Mom came up to check on her and when she asked Alyce what that was a picture of Alyce replied "our dog Jake Man".  Even though it doesn't look like our dog it is pretty obvious she drew a face, ears, and legs.  The little squiggly bit to the left is supposed to be Jake's back legs.  Mom and I were very impressed with the picture.  Just months ago she was starting to draw shapes using crayons and paper.

The second example of Alyce learning things at school is that she has taken an interest in her own name.  Specifically how to spell it or reproduce it.  This weekend she and I sat down and I showed her each letter in her name and how to make it.  She tried for a bit but grew tired and moved on.  Today while playing with some paints at home Alyce managed to do a pretty good reproduction of her name.  If she would have jammed in an L she would have had the whole thing.

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