Monday, August 9, 2010

Action Packed Weekend

Alyce had an action packed weekend.  Friday night she and I went out to my home town for the fair.  Saturday night the whole family plus Josh, Tammy, and Gideon went to Six Flags.  Finally on Sunday the family met Onermark Grams for dinner.  By the time we got the kids in bed on Sunday Mom and I were ready to collapse ourselves.
On Friday just Alyce and I went out to the fair.  Mom was going to a baby shower for Tammy and I knew we were going to be out really late so I left Luke with our babysitter, Shelby.  This is 2nd year Alyce has been to the fair.  Well the 2nd year she can remember.  Last year Alyce rode a roller coaster and some other fun carnival rides.  This year Alyce had another first; her first time riding in a school bus.  And judging by the squeals of delight coming from our seat I would say she enjoyed the ride.  Alyce enjoyed it so much I think we could have saved on admission and just rode the bus all night.  But with Onermark Grams in tow we soldiered on and entered the fair grounds.

The notable items at the fair include Alyce going into her first fun house.  The mirrored maze gave her a bit of trouble where she unknowingly walked right into a clear piece of glass.  Even though it made a loud "thock" Alyce would not be deterred from her goal, the twisty slide at the end.

This year Alyce had her first trip to the duck pond.  Or in her case the fish pond but the idea is the same.  You pay a few dollars ($2), you pick a duck (fish), and by the number on the bottom you get a prize.  You are guaranteed to be a winner and with a 3 year old a guaranteed win is what you are looking for.  Why this is so notable was that when my brother and I were little like Alyce my parents would take us at the end of the night to the duck pond so we could have a prize to take home with us.  It happened every night and year after year that it eventually became tradition.  Now I get to pass it on to Alyce.  Alyce's choice from the duck pond?  A tiara of course!

One item that I think we need to get looked at is Alyce's hearing.  At the fair a couple of times she commented that it was really loud.  Loud enough that she had to cover her ears.  When a tractor makes its run at a tractor pull I'd expect her to cover her ears but she was doing it at other times that were loud but not extremely.  Her noise sensitivity persisted throughout the weekend so it is something to bring up the next time she sees a doctor.

The cherry on the sundae that is the Fair would be the waffle ice cream sandwich.  That dessert alone is enough for me to pay the entrance fee.  A block of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two hot waffles is the perfect way to end a summer.

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