Monday, July 26, 2010


This year we took our vacation to Branson, MO this most family friendly vacation location in Missouri.  We went on this vacation without the aid of in laws meaning if the kids were dishing out extra craziness Mom and I had to handle it on our own.

With a family of 4 sleeping arrangements are never easy.  Luke goes to bed around 7:30 and Alyce at 8:30.  Mom and I typically go to bed around 11:30.  So in order for us to stay away we need to find a place with two bedrooms and hopefully a living room too.  With the budget we had we found a place that mostly met our needs,   Lilleys' Landing.   Lilleys' Landing is a "resort" that gears mostly towards fisherman.  They are on the river, have boat slips, and a bait shop.  Also included are some family friendly things like a playground and a swimming pool. Most importantly they had cabins with two bedrooms, living room, and a kitchenette.  The inside wasn't much to talk about.  The kids room is up in a loft, with a low ceiling, and no door to keep out the noise below.  The living room was downright tiny.  I'd say that a walk in closet in a mansion is bigger.  It was clean, affordable, and the kitchenette had everything you need as long as you could live with dated furniture.  The outside was pretty nice because our car parked right outside our cabin, we had a covered picnic area, the landscaping was great, and the playground was right outside the door.

The playground was a big hit with Alyce.  If she wasn't watching a show or sleeping she was asking us if she could go out to play.  We let her out as much as the weather would let us.  The temperature has been pretty brutal the last few days.  The pool was really nice too but the minimum depth was around 3' so Alyce was on her tippy toes unless we were holding her.

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