Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funny Things Alyce Says

Alyce says the funniest things sometimes.  A lot of the things she says are hilarious because they are so innocent;  innocent but true.  In the past few days she said two things that got both Mom and I to burst into laughter.  When Alyce said them and we started laughing she laughed too but to look in her eyes I don't think she understood why it was funny just that it was.

The first thing she said that was funny was a few nights ago I sang a few lines from the opening song of a new t.v. show that Alyce is watching, Wonder Pets.  Wonder Pets is a pretty cool show in that there are three animals a baby duck, guinea pig, and turtle that go and help other animals.  Throughout the entire show the Wonder Pets are singing their dialog.  Naturally these songs get into your head but you can't remember all the lyrics so at dinner I sang to myself "wonder pets wonder pets blah blah blah" to the melody of the song.  Alyce breaks into my blahs by saying "daddy, those aren't the right words".

The second funny thing Alyce said was also a few nights ago while the family was eating tacos.  I like my tacos very hot and put on lots of sauce, however, I have a reaction to that sauce that causes me to sweat profusely.  So I'm finishing my first taco, sweat is beading on my forehead, and Alyce states "daddy you have water on your head.  Where did it come from?"  Try explaining that to a 3 year old.

I love all the questions she asks and things she says.  You never know what she will say next.

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