Friday, June 11, 2010

Dinosaur Money

For Alyce's 3rd birthday we gave her a dinosaur bank for all of her money.  The bank looks like a friendly dinosaur and it is purple painted wood.  You put coins in the dino's mouth and they zig zag down into its belly which is a clear plastic egg.  There is a little gap in the egg for bills to be inserted as well.

Alyce likes her bank.  She especially likes to put money into it.  When I get home from work and if I have any spare change in my pockets I give her everything but the quarters.  Whenever she gets more than a few coins in her hands she says things like "I've got lots of money" or "I'm going to put this money in my bank".

A while ago as she was putting in a hand full of coins she commented that it was getting pretty full.  It was about half full but to from and empty bank to half is pretty good for a kid.  I told her that when it does get full we will empty it out, count it, and fill it up again.  I went on to say that with that money she could buy something that she wanted.  Finally I asked her what she was going to buy with her money and Alyce's reply was "chocolate".  I inquired as to whom she was going to buy chocolate for and she said "everybody". 

So there you go.  In about six months when the bank has been filled we will buy some chocolate for you.

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