Thursday, May 27, 2010

School Picnic

Tuesday we attended Alyce's last school function, the school picnic.  It was an event to celebrate the end of the school year.  I used it as an event where I could put faces and personalities to names.  It was also an event where I could see Alyce in an environment where I had no bearing on her personality.  With her school friends her actions are her own without me interjecting my opinion.

Pulling into the parking lot I got my first view of Alyce with her friends.  Alyce's friend Reagan got out of her van right next to ours.  Both kids rather than waiting for their parents like they should of took off and ran to the playground.  After a bit I caught up with Alyce at the playground where she was playing with another friend Aleana.  Alyce has said on multiple occasions that Aleana was her best friend.  Seeing the two play together I'd agree with her.  The girls ran all over the playground, down the slides, riding the merry-go-round, and swinging on swings.

After the playground time was over it was time for lunch.  Alyce and Aleana beat Mom and I to the pavilion and by the time we got there Alyce was sitting at a picnic table.  Right then Aleana being a great host grabbed cups of lemonade for Alyce and herself, how considerate.  Both girls sat next to each during lunch with Alyce finishing up eating and wearing a cookie.

With lunch being over Alyce and Aleana both ran off to ride the swings.  They both rode the big kid swings but I think Alyce liked the baby swings more because I could push her even higher without fear of her falling out.

After the second set of playing it was time for us to go and part ways with Alyce's friends.  With Alyce going to a different school next year we knew it was most likely the last time she'd see any of her friends.  For Aleana we are going to be separated by more than just schools.  Aleana and her family are moving to Phoenix this summer.  With one final hug between friends they parted.

Alyce has finished her first year of school.  School two days a week and 5 hours a day has made a huge impact.  She started the year a very shy kid with a pretty limited vocabulary.  She finishes the year speaking in full sentences, complete thoughts, made friends, and is potty trained!  Alyce has really blossomed being outside of the home and I am very thankful she had the opportunity to go to kids day out.  Next stop preschool!

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