Thursday, April 15, 2010


Our Easter weekend this year was a rather busy one.  Alyce got to pet some barn animals, ride a pony, and search for Easter eggs, three times!

The Easter events started off on Saturday for us.  We met up with Grams and Papa at GiGi's apartment for an Easter celebration.  The management there puts on an Easter egg hunt along with a petting zoo and a pony ride.  Alyce petted the animals for a few minutes but the pony is really what grabbed her attention.  Alyce patiently waited her turn for a ride and when it was her turn she was very eager to go.  We placed her on the saddle and off she went.  We didn't hold on to her while she rode pony up and down the parking lot.  I was however about two steps away and ready to jump in to catch her if the need should arise.  It didn't.
After the animals it was time for the Easter egg hunt.  The management set out 300 eggs full of candy, money, and other assorted goodies.  The kids ranging from age 2 to 10 were all joining in on the hunt.  However, it was a group start and all the kids went at one time.  The older kids were a little forceful during the hunt with one almost stealing an egg that Mom was guarding for Alyce as she came over.  Mom turned on the full force mommy attitude and told that kid what for.  When it was all said and done Alyce had 13 eggs.  The overly pushy boy, 46.  Still we had a good time and are looking forward to next year.

The next day, Sunday, we met Onermark Grams at church for Easter services.  Following that we went over to my Aunt Marilyn's and Uncle Eric's for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.  It is always great to meet up with my family and catching up on events.  It is also neat to see how much my cousin's kids have grown.  After lunch Sam and Jared went outside to hide the eggs while the kids were sequestered in a bedroom to playing with toys.  Once the eggs were hidden they came in telling the kids that they saw the Easter Bunny hopping off into the woods.  The kids totally bought and the level of excitement went through the roof.  Alyce being one of the oldest kids in the hunt did particularly well but more importantly than age she had a plan.  All the other kids went right while we went left.  Leaving us half the eggs with zero competition.  I'd say that for a few minutes Alyce "dominated".  It was really cool to watch Alyce spot an egg, run to it, and grab it while running past 4 eggs in the process.  Whenever she'd say "I see one" I'd get the biggest smile on my face.

After hanging out at my families we journeyed to Gram's and Papa's house for Easter dinner.  When we first came in Alyce had her 3rd and final Easter egg hunt.  This one was much easier as all the eggs were hidden indoors in two rooms.

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