Monday, March 22, 2010

Green? Where are You?

Alyce has learned a lot.  A lot of what she has learned has come from school and other knowledge comes from that place that knowledge comes from.  Maybe it is repetition, mimicking behavior, or maybe it is time.  Regardless she has acquired a lot of knowledge.

One thing she has learned is what a stop sign looks like and what it is for.  She also understands the significance of stop lights and that the green light is much preferred over the red one.  I'm guessing she picked all of this up from school or watching how Mom and I drive.  She took that knowledge and applied it to some other time where she witnessed Mom and I talking to each other or no one in particular to create the following funny scene.

The whole family was sitting at a stop light waiting for the red light to turn green.  Coming from the back seat came the following "Green?...  Green?...  Where are you green?".  Mom and I roared wondering where exactly that came from.  Stuff like that is what makes being a parent great.

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