Friday, February 5, 2010

I've Got My Little Girl Back

Today I've finally gotten my little girl back.  Last weekend while I was in Minneapolis with my brother Alyce came down with a double ear infection.  This infection hit her like a ton of bricks.  Alyce was knocked out and turned into something I'd never met before a whiny kid. 

When I first walked into the house Monday after my trip Alyce was just laying on the couch watching tv barely acknowledging my presence.  That night and the next few days Alyce was in a terrible mood.  She couldn't cope with any situation that didn't go her way.  To keep her happy or at least not crying Alyce watched a lot of T.V. and missed most meals except for juice, milk, and water.  She was so pathetic she wouldn't even feed herself.  Mom and I had to feed her each and every bite.  By the time we got her to bed every night Mom and I were exhausted.  Once she started antibiotics her symptoms improved slowly culminating today.

Tonight I caught up with the family at Gram's and Papa's house and I was greeted by my little girl.  She said "daddy!", came running across the room, and into my arms.  I don't know where she was the past week but my little girl was back.  We played like we used to.  I wrestled with her, hung her upside down, and tickled her; it was great.  I hope that we get some time off before she gets sick again.  It seems since the first of the year Alyce has been sick more than she's been healthy.  Just the side effect of going to school with a bunch of other boogie nosed kids.  The pain we're experiencing now will be worth the gain when she isn't missing tons of kindergarten.

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