Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Ear Infection

When Alyce came downstairs after her nap on Monday she didn't seem 100% she wasn't very active and was a bit irritable.  Mom with her Mom intuition knew something was up and took her temperature.  Alyce was running a fever of 100 - 101.  We figured she just picked something up over the weekend and would let it run its course.  Through the night and the next day her fever persisted and even reached 102.  Alyce stayed home from school on Tuesday and laying on the couch, watching cartoons, and playing the part of the sick child.  That afternoon after a really long nap she seemed to turn a corner and her attitude really improved.  On a whim we asked her if anything hurt and she pointed to one of her ears.

So our daughter has her first ear infection.  At 3+ years I would say that we have done pretty good at keeping her ears healthy especially since I have a long history of ear problems.  Mom and I are going to try and let things run their course rather than hitting up the doctor for some antibiotics.  I'm not sure how long we will hold out before going; probably Monday if there isn't any improvement.

Today Alyce has been doing pretty good.  Mom says that her attitude during the day was pretty good, but by the time I got home she seemed to be pretty irritable.  Taking her temperature through her hear still yielded a fever, however, since her ears a swollen that reading isn't accurate.  Using a thermometer under her arm she registered 99 degrees.  Technically back to normal but to see her tonight you wouldn't believe it. Catching up to the present Alyce is upstairs in bed but isn't falling asleep.  We think that the ear pain is keeping her up.  We gave her some Tylenol a while ago so I hope that it will kick in and she will go to sleep.

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