Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rock Pile

Yesterday I was moving some rock to the side of our house as part of my retaining wall project.  Alyce, naturally was very interested in what I was doing and wanted to help out.  She went into the garage, grabbed her toy wheelbarrow, loaded some rocks into it, ran it up to the pile, and dumped it out.  She moved about % 0.01 of the total volume of rock but I appreciated her effort and willingness to help.

Alyce's attention was quickly diverted when the kids Rachel, Danielle, and Zack from down the street came up to play.  The three kids, all siblings, wanted to play with Alyce and on the rock pile.  Playing on the rock pile included climbing up, down, and dancing on top of it.  Nothing like a kid dance party to make you rush for the camera.

It is great that Alyce is getting old enough to have friends.  Just last week Rachel came up to our front door to ask if Alyce could come out and play.  I knew the day would come when kids would come calling asking our kids to come out and play.  I didn't think it would be before Alyce was three.

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