Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Artwork on the Refridgerator

Every day at school Alyce gets to make some artwork which is a picture colored with crayons.  On Tuesday after I saw her first piece of artwork Mom and I put it on the refrigerator because we were proud of it and of her.  Alyce didn't really know what to think when we did that.  I think she was more interested in the fact that a magnet was holding a piece of paper against the fridge.

After her second day of school last Thursday Alyce completed another picture.  She wasn't finished with it because once she got home Alyce continued to color it and left it on the table.  Later that afternoon when I got home from work I wanted to see Alyce's latest handiwork.  I asked Mom where it was and she said it was on the table.  Looking around I couldn't see it anywhere.  Mom and I tore through the house looking here, there, and everywhere for her creation.  Finally Mom looked towards the refrigerator and there in all its glory Alyce's latest picture.  She must have taken her picture when finished and put it on the fridge with her other artwork.

I think Alyce is very proud of her artwork.  I think she gets a lot of enjoyment from us putting them on the refrigerator.  Alyce will also pull the colorings off of the fridge and show them to Mom and I in a "look what I did" fashion.  I think this class is already paying off in that Alyce seems more self confident and proud of herself.

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