Friday, August 14, 2009

One Two Four

Alyce knows how to count. Well she knows how to count to two. And I think she understands that two is more than one. However, I think she applies two to mean more than one. When we ask Alyce to count whatever is in front of her she always counts one, two, and then four. If there is more than three things she will say "one, two, four, two, four" some other list of numbers. Mom and I are trying to get her to say one, two, three, four and just recently she has been. Most days Alyce is feeling kind of sassy and skips three almost on purpose. I don't mind that she can't count to 10+. She really isn't old enough to do it anyway. Any child her age if he/she can count to 10 is doing it only by rote memorization and doesn't really know the difference between 7 and 8 except that one comes after the other (1).


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