Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playing with a New Toy

Last weekend at Babies R Us we picked up a new car seat for Luke. While we were there we allowed Alyce to pick out a toy since there was a ton of stuff for Luke in the cart. She, like all kids wanted this and that with Mom and I saying no to most everything. Alyce did go for the brightest packages so there is something to marketing based on a pretty box. Eventually Alyce picked out a pink watering can that we thought was an appropriate purchase. We bought it for her and brought it home.

The first thing as we got home Alyce wanted to play with her new can. So I set up a hose so she could continue filling up her watering can and Alyce started watering our tree. She moved on wanting to water some "showers" meaning flowers but we don't have any planted this summer so she had to make due with a few blooms on our clematis by the mailbox.

The next day, Alyce was outside and again played with her new watering can then moved on to some hopscotch and bubbles. She isn't getting much better at making bubbles but she has learned to slow down the bubble wand rather than swinging wildly.

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