Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hide and Seek

Back in March I wrote about Alyce playing hide and seek.  Since then Alyce has gotten a better grasp on how to play the game.  In the past when I would say "where's Alyce" she could come running out of her hiding spot.  Now when I say "where's Alyce" she stays hidden but says aloud "I'm over here".  When we play upstairs Alyce's favorite hiding spot is in a little nook behind Luke's crib.  When she is standing there you can just see the top of her head.  Of course with her giggles and saying "I'm over here" we know exactly where she is.  However Mom and I pretend to not know her location and start looking in other hiding spots.  We open the closets, drawers, look behind doors, and behind the rocking chair.  Every time we go to a new location we ask "are you in here"?  Alyce, between giggles says "no I'm over here".  After looking in a few locations we go to look behind the crib and behold Alyce is there in her hiding spot.  Once we find her we give her great big hugs and tickles then we are off to go find a hiding spot for ourselves.

When we hide we don't give away our location like Alyce does by saying things out loud.  We don't have to.  Jake our dog likes to play hide and seek too.  Every time we are in a spot Jake finds us and continues to look at us even though we try to shoo him off.  Naturally Alyce picks up on this and knows to follow Jake's lead to find us.

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