Monday, July 20, 2009

Sea World

Today, the kids and I, along with Grams and Papa, went to Sea World! We had a blast while we were there! We saw four shows, Cool Vibrations, Believe, The Cannery Row Caper, and Viva!. Cool Vibrations is a water ski show and when it started Alyce got a little freaked out. I think the music and announcer were a little loud for her. However, once the singing and dancing started and the boats came driving by, she got more interested in the show. Watching the show made me remember back to when I was in a ski show! Yes, I was in a water ski show with pyramids and a ladies line and everything! Believe is the Shamu show and Alyce was really interested in it. She was a little afraid at first, I think she thought the big black whale was going to come out of the water and get her. However, once the show started she was really into it! The third show was The Cannery Row Caper which was the sea lion show. It was alright, but the sea lions are no Shamu! The fourth show was Viva!, and it had dolphins and beluga whales. There was also professional high divers, aerialists and synchronized swimmers performing with the animals. It was pretty amazing!

After all the shows, we went to check out the rides, but the weather wasn't looking too great, so we went to check out some of the other animals. We went to Dolphin Cove, where they have a bunch of dolphins swiming around in a big pool of water. At certain times, you can watch them get fed and possibly even touch them, however, we weren't there at that time. We got there right before they closed up for the day, but we did get to see them. Alyce liked splashing in the pool of water rather than watching the dolphins. I enjoyed seeing the dolphins up close! The next thing we did was look at sting rays and sharks. Grams was afraid to mention sharks, so she said big fish, but when we walked up to the aquarium Alyce said sharks! It was pretty funny! Alyce wasn't afraid of them at all! Then we saw the Clydesdales. She wasn't really interested in them at all. Then we stopped by a gift shop so I could get Alyce a stuffed Shamu. I knew as soon as I saw one earlier in the day, I wanted to get her one! After that it was time to go! I'll have pictures later once I can get them off the camera!

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