Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Going to Miss You

Tomorrow Mom is joining her parents on a 10 day vacation to Texas and she is taking Alyce and Luke with her. The whole trip jumped up at the last second and to be truthful I'm not ready for it.  This will be the longest I've ever been away from the kids and from Mom.  If this were only a three day trip I would relish the break from parenting but longer than that and I think I will really be missing my family.  I'm half tempted to buy some web cameras so I can see them and they me.  I think if I see their faces while talking to them it would be much easier on me.  I hope Mom will take up the blogging reigns in my absence as she will be my only source of info about the kids.

I also wish Mom the best of luck. The trip could go well or could be a nightmare. It really depends on Alyce and how she reacts to being in the car for so long.  They are cutting the trip into two parts so that should help and Mom's iphone should provide hours of entertainment.  I think during the times where Mom is by herself is when the most stress can occur.  When shopping Alyce is used to having the ability to roam where she pleases because I have my eye on her.  With Mom being outnumbered I think it will be tough for her to chase down Alyce while pushing Luke in a stroller

If the last few days are any indication I think Alyce will do just fine.  Just yesterday the family ate lunch at McDonald's during a downpour because swimming got canceled and Alyce acted like an adult.  She sat in her seat correctly, ate her food, and wasn't fidgeting to get out.  She did have something to gain by being well behaved; a trip to the playground.  I've never seen her so comfortable on a piece of equipment.  Once her shoes were off she ran into the tunnels of the playground, only to emerge at the bottom of a slide, and quick as a flash was back in the tubes.  She even interacted with the kids on the playground instead of ignoring and avoiding them.

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