Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We have a new word to add to the list of our favorite Alyce words. An Alyce word is a normal word that has its pronunciation modified (butchered) by Alyce. A few good examples are "doobit" for do it and "turbin" for turtle. Overtime she eventually gets the pronunciation right and we never hear her version again; turbin being a casualty.

The new word that we need to add to the list is "yeahpuh". Yeahpuh is a conglomeration of yeah and uh-huh. Alyce used to say uh-huh exclusively with yeah starting to creep in. I'm guessing that eventually yeah will take over and hopefully it will be replaced by yes.

Another word Alyce is starting to use is please. When she asks for something like more milk we correct her asking her to say "more milk please". Now about one time in ten she will use the word please without being asked.

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