Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where'd You Get That Shirt?

On Wednesday Mom went to visit her doctor with kids in tow. On the way something new and yucky happened; Alyce threw up in the car. We will skip over the whole getting sick part and focus on the cuteness that happened after. Mom and the rest of the family was going to meet me for lunch and Alyce was wearing a jacket instead of her now messy shirt because who packs a backup outfit for a 2 year old? Mom made a quick run to Target before meeting me. Mom bought a non descript white shirt that Alyce was very fond of.

Jumping ahead to later in the day to when I got home from work. Most days Alyce comes with me upstairs while I change out of my work clothes. We typically use the next twenty minutes to rough house on the bed and run around the house. Today Alyce and I started a conversation about her new shirt. I asked her if she liked her new shirt and she said "yes". I asked her what color it was and she responded with "white". I asked who bought that shirt "Mommy" was the response. Lastly I asked her where Mom bought the shirt. I was expecting either silence or something like shopping. Instead I was greeted with the response of "Target". Neither Mom nor I have any clue where she learned the word target or how she made the connection to Target the store.

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