Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend at Gram's and PaPa's

This weekend Mom and I took a mini vacation without the kids. While gone we left Alyce and Luke in the care of Grams and PaPa. I think Alyce had a good time if you don't count bed time. Apparently she was missing Mom and I at those times the most and thus couldn't settle down to go to bed.

We knew by the end of the weekend we would be missing the kids. In fact Mom started missing them the night before we came back. She called to check on the kids and could hear Alyce crying in the background. We thought we would try talking to Alyce over the phone to calm her down. Well that didn't work so well. Upon hearing Mom's voice Alyce burst into tears in earnest. I think it really broke Mom's heart hearing her daughter crying and being powerless to do anything about it.

The best part about going away is coming back and this time is no different. Upon walking into Gram's and PaPa's house and making eye contact with us Alyce said "Daddy! Mommy!" and came over to give us hugs. Later she walked up to me and asked "are mommy daddy home?" Stuff like that will just melt your heart.

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