Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me Too

On a happier note Alyce did something new and fun today.  I was talking to Mom via the telephone today when Alyce wanted to say hi.  Mom put the phone on speaker and I got to have a conversation with Alyce.  Typically these conversations center around me asking Alyce questions and her responding with yes, yeahpuh, or uh-huh.  Occasionally I will get a one or two word response.  Today was different because Alyce expressed agreement.  I was talking to Alyce about her breakfast and what she ate.  Her response of Fruit Loops was common enough.  I responded to her that I liked Fruit Loops and she replied "me too".  I was kind of awestruck / dumbfounded.  Here was my little girl agreeing with me. 

More and more it seems like the lights are turning on up there and she is turning into a little person and no longer is a toddler.  I look forward to those times where she asks questions about how or why something is or works and I can explain to her.  I know that it will eventually get kind of tiresome but it will be cool to hand down my knowledge to the next generation.

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