Monday, June 8, 2009

Gideon's Birthday Party

On Saturday the family went to our friends Josh and Tammy's house for a 1st birthday party for their son Gideon. We had a lot of fun talking to old friends and eating lots of cake. Alyce enjoyed herself by playing with Gideon's new toys.

Two toys really stuck out as favorites to all of the kids in attendance. The first toy given to Gideon by Mom, Alyce, Luke, and myself was a toy lawnmower that makes bubbles. Tammy didn't get the bubbles out as she wanted clean floors but the kids didn't mind. They pushed this thing all around the house both inside and out. I think I need to get one with Alyce. With proper training I think I can get her to do a decent job mowing the back.

The second toy is an oldie but goodie a plastic swimming pool. The same classic blue swimming pool that we all had as kids. Josh setup a sprinkler and a toy slide to land into the pool and the kids were set. Well the kids that brought swimsuits or a change of clothes were set. Mom put Alyce into her swimsuit and she was off to play in the pool that had water straight from the hose *cold*. I can't really say that Alyce was enjoying herself in the pool as her lips were blue and her arms all goose bumpy but we asked her repeatedly if she wanted to dry off and every time "no" was the response. Alyce would get into and out of the pool, go down the slide, and toss balls into the pool.

After a while it was time to eat and Alyce had enough of the water. We had a great time at the party. Everyone wanted to hold and take care of Luke so Mom and I both had a good portion of the day to ourselves. It is nice that Alyce is getting old enough that as long as we can see her we know she is ok. No more do we have to be within arms reach because there is something she can't navigate. If we are at a place with other parents we can even take our eyes off her as they will inform us if she is getting beyond her boundaries or doing something inappropriate. I won't say that we can see the finish line with Alyce but the race is definitely getting easier.

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