Tuesday, June 2, 2009


When I was in high school I played drums in both marching band and concert band. I particularly enjoyed playing them and still do today. Rather than having a full set of drums in the house I live out my rock fantasy by playing a fun game called Rock Band on my Xbox. Rock Band is a video game where you play plastic instruments in sync with notes on the screen with up to four players at the same time. Rock Band as you could probably guess comes with a set of electronic drums.

Last Friday night we met our neighbor's Jeff and Liz for dinner where we found out they are expecting a child in January! After dinner they came over to rock out. Mom and I went to bed leaving the drums out. The next day Alyce is looking kind of interested in the drums so I set her down and put some sticks in her hands. Rock Band has a neat feature called training mode where you can play the drums and they make noise but you don't have to play to any specific rhythm. I set up Alyce with the training mode and she proceeds to rock out on the drums. At one point she turns to me and says she is "jammin". Alyce continued to play for some time in training mode.  Later on I started up a band so I could play with her.  Alyce did pretty good there.  She hit 17% of the notes and had a 3 note streak.  Even random banging makes you 17% musician.

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